Natural Candle Making FAQ's

One of my very favorite aspects of my business is when I get to teach others the art of creating naturally-scented candles. Students have varying degrees of experiences, but usually have the same basic questions for me. I wanted to share some great tips for those of you trying out this craft:

I have highlighted 3 questions I have received from my last few classes:


1.  What kind of wax is best to use?

This is really a personal preference thing. I find that whatever your ethics are should drive the kind of ingredients you want to use (just like what you would put in your body). If you are vegan, you probably won't want to use beeswax. If you want environmentally friendly ingredients, you would probably not use paraffin. I like to focus on the 3 I have used in my candles throughout the years: Soy, Beeswax and Coconut Oil based waxes. All of these are readily available at most candle supply stores, not very expensive and work really well with essential oils and absolutes. 


2. I have heard you cannot use certain essential oils in candles. Is that true?

Not at all. You can use pretty much any oil you would use in aromatherapy or perfumery from Lavender Seville to Cocoa Absolute. You should get to know your oils as they all have different personalities, but the key is to not overheat any of your oils. The trick is to test, test and test again.


3. What is the best wick to use?

I wish this one was easy to answer, but the key it to narrow down your choices of wicks based on: your container size and the type of wax you are using. There are many choices out there, but many or just slight variations of each other. Keep it simple and, remember, you don't need to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Narrow them down to 2-3 types you think will work with your container and wax then test, test, test. All shops will offer sample packs of wicks. Start there and if you need more help, call the company and ask them what they recommend!


If you would like more details on the art of natural candle making and are interested in taking one of our classes, please email us at for a current list of classes scheduled. 




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