A new phase!

First of all, I big welcome if you are visiting for the first time.

For the past 10 years, we have been creating natural scents in a way we thought was't boring. Enough of the Lavender and Lemongrass I have always said. Natural scents that are cheap to make, but not fun. When I started this business, my goal was to find blends that were both likable but unique at the same time. That is still the goal with our company even with the change from Gabriel's Aunt to Rebel and Mercury.

We have moved over to this new site to start a new phase, introduce you to new products and interact more via this blog, We have also really amped up our Social Media presence in hopes that we can interact more there and introduce our unique products to new folks.

Some brand new things you will find here are the Everyday Candles (aka Gabriel's Aunt). We are incredibly excited to show you the changes we have made to this line. Gabriel's Aunt has been a huge success for us the last 10 years: brought us partnerships with other companies who are looking to add home fragrance to their list of products, made us a stand out in the naturally scented candle category. 

We have taken this line and made it even more unique and beautiful. Here are the changes we made to Gabriel's Aunt:

  • No more labels. Every container is beautifully screen printed and ready to be re-used
  • No more soy wax. We now create our own proprietary coconut wax blend. 
  • No more candle names. We want you to experience the notes and enjoy the candle; creating your own story.
  • Each container comes in a beautiful linen bag that can also be reused.
  • 4 scent categories and container colors are available. Collect all 4. They are made of 40% recycled glass and gorgeous.


We are in the process of creating more new perfumes and candle scents that will continue to be powerful, unique and beautiful.


Please let us know via Twitter and Facebook what you would like to see from us in the future!


Happy Tuesday!

Rebel and Mercury Team

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