Sleepy in Seattle

Yawn...OK, I am waking up from one of my many Winter's naps in hopes I will get myself in gear enough to write this blog post! 

So, I know that many of us are trying to shake off this foggy, gray thing that takes over Seattle this time of year. As I stare out the window of my house into the backyard covered in 6 inches of snow and coming out of a weekend of constant rain; I am compelled to ask the question: What do you do to survive this time of year personally and as a maker/small business owner? Good question you say? Yes, I haven't completely figured this out, but I do know that during this slow time of year that a lot of people are going through the same thing.

Here are my thoughts on getting through the Sleepy in Seattle days (and other cities of course!):

  1. Stay on a schedule:Set your alarm if you have to, but get up at the same time everyday. This will make you feel like you have a nice full day to get things done.
  2. Make a to do list. I take scratch paper and write down everything I need to do, right down to "clean the kitchen". Get it out of your head and on paper.
  3. Have a schedule of social media postings, newsletter writing, etc. This keeps your audience engaged if you are posting regularly and consistently. Like any relationship, you have to stay engaged to maintain it. It's ok to take a break (I do a lot), but try to maintain a schedule for all your Tweeting, Gramming and Facebooking.
  4. Follow other people you like; whether it be a fellow artist, someone who generates great content for you, people who are doing what you want to be doing-Follow them and engage with them. You may even make a friend!
  5. Get outside! Even if it's gray and rainy, do it. Getting away from your home workspace and engaging with the public is really important. I know I can go a day without speaking to another human. This doesn't help you personally and doesn't help you creatively either.
  6. Burn a candle that has essential oils (ahem). Oils like Rosemary, Lemon help clear your head. Jasmine and Peppermint help to calm you. Rose helps you deal with healing and emotions. Hint: we have candles with all of these! I think burning a candle while working is the best thing for focus!

OK, these are things I try and do to help me when things are slow, weather is gloomy and things are just sleepy. Let me know what you do to help you through this tough time of year. I would love to hear!

Stay awake! xoxo


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