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Everyday Collection Botanical Candles: The Gourmands


Free Domestic Shipping for Orders over $75

Our collection of our Sweet Gourmand blends. All our candles are 100% botanical with our proprietary coconut oil blend and Non GMO.

Gorgeous Re-usable containers made from recycled glass.

The Gourmand Collection comes in a Cherry Red container with this nature-inspired quote:

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"-Henri Matisse

Choose from the Scents below in this collection.

Go here for a detailed description of each scent.
For refills: Please select your scent below and use the code "refill" at checkout to get 20% off. We will send you just the wax insert for your containers.
Ingredients: Our Own Proprietary Coconut Oil based blend, Essential Oils, Absolutes, Cotton Wick
8.5 oz with appx. 50 hours of burn time and 2.5 ounce Mini with appx. 20 hours of burn time
Made in USA




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