About Us


Welcome to Rebel & Mercury where you will find our botanical obsessions and Natural Perfumes inspired by life and travel. Our perfumes are natural, unique and reflect a fierce independence. 


Our history:

Rebel & Mercury (formally Gabriel's Aunt) started out as a candle company with a focus 100% natural blends. 6 years ago we added perfumes and now organic body oils. We also create custom candle blends for other companies and teach our special botanical candle making methods to the public.

All perfumes, candles and body oils are created by hand in small batches from our studio in Seattle, WA.  

Rebel & Mercury's nose is Nikki Sherritt-Lewis and is the creative vision behind the brand.

What makes us different:

-We strive to use as many organic and local ingredients and suppliers as possible. 

-Our grain alcohol is distilled here in Seattle, WA and 100% organic. We never use denatured alcohol or preserved perfumer's alcohol.

-Our body oils are created in a base of 85% organic oils. 

-Our blends are rich, unique, long-lasting and 100% natural

-Our candles are made using our own organic proprietary coconut wax blend. We do do not use Soy, Palm or Paraffin.

-Our candles are made using unique blends that will change the way you look at the natural candle. No more boring blends.

 -Every bit of packaging can be re-purposed or recycled. We encourage refilling your candle or perfume containers with us at a discount. 

So, explore the world of naturals here. We have something for everyone.