Distinguished Candle Scents

Distinguished #1

is an earthy, sexy blend of Haitian Vetiver, Cocoa and a touch of Indian Jasmine. The best seller of this line.

Distinguished #2

 is a sexy floral blend with Tuberose, a touch of Vanilla and a note of powdery and earthy incense.

Distinguished #3

is a soft powdery blend of Amber Essence, Black Pepper and other spices. Soft and lovely. For Amber lovers.

Distinguished #4

Created for Blackbird Apothecary in Seattle, WA, this is the most unusual and beautiful of the candles, smoked seashells, tobacco and a touch of Vanilla. 


Distinguished #5

A lighter and sweeter blend with ethereal Mimosa and our own honey accord. We added a touch of Indian Jasmine just for a little extra sweetness.