Getting to know us? Here are some questions to help you figure out who we are:
1. What is Natural Perfumery?
Natural Perfumery is the practice of using only plant, tree, flower oils not synthesized in a lab. The practice goes far back in history as Kings and Queens anointed themselves with precious oils of rose, frankincense and other rare essences.
We practice a very traditional method of natural perfumery telling a story using Top Notes (notes that dissipate the quickest: citrus's, etc), Middle Notes (the heart of the perfume lasting longer and giving life to the top and base notes) and Base Notes (lasting the longest on your skin and anchoring the perfume). 
2. What is botanical?
Botanical refers to using non-animal bases ingredients (important to those who are Vegan or looking for truly cruelty-free). We use mostly botanical ingredients with the exception of Beeswax and Labdanum. We choose not to use the age old animal ingredients like Castoreum, Civet or other animal musks.
3. What are the differences between the Pure Parfums, Parfum Oils and Eau de Parfums?
They refer to the different concentrations of essences in relation to the base of alcohol or oil.
Here is what we currently offer:
  • EDP or Eau de Pafum: Typically around a 15% concentration in a base of alcohol. Very common perfume format.
  • Pure Parfum or Parfum Extrait: Typically a higher concentration perfume of around 18%-20%.
  • Parfum Oil: Very similar to the Pure Parfums but in a base of oil. A great option for people who do not like the feel of an alcohol base, live in a restricted ship to area and want to try a perfume (lots of regulations of shipping alcohol based products), also longer lasting as the oils do not dissipate as quickly in a base of oil.


4. What are naturally scented candles and what makes your different?
Most candles on the market today are made with very strong synthetic fragrance oils. These oils are formulated to be strong enough to fill a room with scent. They are also made in a wax that is usually paraffin (a petroleum derivative), palm (a plant that is causing habitat destruction) or soy (a veggie wax that is made from genetically modified soy beans).
Our candles are created using only 100% natural essential oils, resins and waxes. We blend our candles in a way that is similar to how we blend our perfumes so you get a strong candle. Our wax is our own proprietary coconut wax blend.
5. Do you make everything yourself?
We make everything ourselves, from the product to the packaging. We create in small batches with love. 
6. Why are natural perfumes higher in price?
Most people don't realize that most perfumes are created using less expensive and synthetic versions of the real essences blended, on occasion, with a few real essences. In natural perfumery, we use only the real and very costly essences to create our blends. Precious rose, jasmine, vanilla: these are some of the most expensive essences to buy. We use a wide variety of rare and exotic notes in our perfumes. These essences have life and tell a story. Precious perfumes to be treasured.