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Distinguished #2 Botanical Candle with Tuberose & Incense


Free Domestic Shipping for Orders over $75
Distinguished: 1. marked by eminence, distinction, or excellence. 

A new line of candles that not only look amazing, but smell fantastic. Combining my favorite perfume notes to create a unique, gorgeous and sultry candle. 

100% Natural Waxes mixed with rare and exotic absolutes, resins and botanical oils.

"Distinguished #2" is a sexy floral blend with Tuberose, a touch of Vanilla and a note of powdery and earthy incense.

For a more detailed description of the scents, go here:


For refills: Please select your scent below and use the code "refill2" at checkout to get 20% off. We will send you just the wax insert for your containers.

Ingredients: Our Own Proprietary Coconut Oil based blend, Essential Oils, Absolutes, Cotton Wick
9.5 oz
Approximate burn time of 60 hours.
Made in USA


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